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Dott.ssa Francesca Sordini

Francesca Sordini attended classical high school in her hometown Terni, where she fell in love with literature and languages. Once she graduated she moved to Milan, where she studied Philosophy at San Raffaele and where she found her natural habitat in metaphysics, aesthetics and theology classes. She graduated in less than 3 years with a […]

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Dott. Luca Brambilla

Neuroscientific Soft Skills teacher He is a Neuroscientific Soft Skills, Non Verbal Communication (NVC), Strategic Questions and Negotiations Technique teacher for Il Sole 24 Ore Business School. He takes part in various Master’s program and in ABO Academy classes as an effective communication and negotiation techniques expert. He cooperates with different firms to help the […]

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NCV: sitting positions

Our sitting position tells a lot about our feelings and about our interest to the conversation   Even though sitting is a relax position, it can unveil a lot about someone’s attitude. By observing that, for example, we could measure someone’s grade of relax, or even his level of sociability. Sitting is less weary and […]

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Nonverbal communication and false myths

How important is the nonverbal aspects of communication really?

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la pratica rende perfetti bugiardi

Practice makes perfect liars

Recent studies demonstrated how the habit of lying makes us very good at it. The art of lying is not that simple but it’s easy to understand that practice makes closer and closer to perfection. So we have to assume that the more we lie the more we become good at it. A recent study […]

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Non-verbal communication: the step

The step can tell us much about a person that we have in front, especially during an interview. As with the legs, so the feet can reveal much about the personality of someone and especially, they emanate signs almost never filtered by the individual in question. The based norm can be explained through the example […]

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Cnv: il movimento dei piedi

What your feet say about you to a NVC expert – Body language

While walking our feet movement can reveal a lot about our personality. A well-trained NVC specialist is able to compare different types of footstrikes. If someone is relaxed, he will keep his feet flat on the floor. Moving from this standard position is a change we have to read. For example the foot takes the leap […]

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Too much selling and too less listening

What does distinguish the NVC from any selling techniques read on who know what book? Let’s discover it with an anecdote. The meeting I’m going to tell helps to destroy the wrong prejudice about what is the NVC (non-verbal communication). Some time ago I was invited to a meeting by the selling manager of a […]

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facial micro-expressions

The facial micro-expressions, a universal language

Each person from every part of the planet expresses some basic emotions with the same facial miming: let’s see what are them. The non-verbal communication, in particular the facial one, is an instrument that men have always used to communicate their own emotions. It is of course the first language that children learn. For example, […]

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The 10 features of an aim

What does distinguish an aim from a simple dream? Which features has to have to be easily feasible? We hear the word “aim” always more. What we don’t hear often are the features that an aim has to have to lead to success, without eliminate the problems. So the following are ten characteristics that, if […]

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