• Luca Brambilla

The swan

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The swan is one of the tattoos which are most loved by women. It is a fantastic animal, with a splendid plumage, a long and gracious neck, a pride gaze and royal posture. For this reason it is deemed as the animal symbol of elegance.

Moreover the swan is sign of versatility, because it finds at ease in the water, its primary ambient, but if necessary it can take flight, and it finds at ease also on the land. So we can say that the swan governs water, air and earth, namely the three Aristotelian elements.

When a woman chooses to tattoo this symbol on herself, she want to make a representation of herself as a loyal person and this tattoo would mean that she considers the marital relationship important .Indeed, swans choose their partners since they are young, and usually they remain loyal between each other forever. This is rare for the animal world.

Finally, I would say that if a person gets a tattoo as a white swan, he/she wants to highlight the pure and limpid side of herself/himself, while getting a black swan would advise, apart from a trace of elegance, that there are mysteries to find out backward.

Milan, 26th November 2017



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