• Luca Brambilla

The areas of communication

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To understand the vastness of the areas concerning the NVC it has to be done a brief examination of the body’s parts that can emit useful signals to understand deeper the contents of what a person wants really to express.

Synthetically we could list them as follow:

  • Facial miming: so the facial expressions, included the micro-expressions;

  • Posture: the position of body in the space;

  • Carriage: movement of body in the space;

  • Respiration;

  • Para-verbal: the use of voice;

  • Head’s gestures;

  • Hands’ gestures;

  • Bust’s movement;

  • Feet’s movement;

  • Prossemica;

  • Contact with the objects;

  • Physical contact: contact with the people;

  • Perspiration;

  • Skin’s colouring;

  • Clothing.

Obviously any of these areas it’s like a box that can be filled up of contents and other specifications. However, having them in mind can help to understand in which areas one is more or less expert, and consequently to fill the gaps, knowing that more elements someone has the more his judgement of the emotion, the mood of the person he has in front of will be complete and hence correct.

Milan, 10th June 2017



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