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5 Etiquette rules to properly behave in a business meeting

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Everyone knows how to behave at the dinner table. There is a proper dining etiquette we learn in our youth in order to be polite and respectful towards other companions and towards food. What are the table manners at a business table?

1) Punctuality. Respect for others is essential and the most powerful gesture to show respect is to arrive on time at a meeting to prevent your table companion to wait for you. As a consequence you have to stay till the end of the meeting as well.

2) Inform every participant about the agenda. You should notify the attendees of the items on the agenda in order to be organized and save time for important issues.

3) Save time. As in the previous point, saving time is essential to be productive. Leisure time and worthless subjects should be avoided. This is not a common attitude since some cultures believe constant seriousness is counter-productive to business relationship and working performances.

4) Participate in a constructing way. You should comment during the meeting as long as your participation is brief, appropriate and helpful. Moreover you must not interrupt the speaker.

5) Avoid using your mobile phone. Common sense recommends to turn your mobile to silent or vibrate in order to avoid bothering the speaker and other companions and to be attentive to the meeting. An even more respectful gesture is to turn your mobile off.

There are no universal rules you must respect at all costs. Your behavior during a meeting should be based on respect for others and on your will to be helpful for the company you work for.

Milano, 26th November 2017


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