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Meeting with a NLP Master Trainer

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The fascinating study of NLP, acronym of neuro-linguistic programming, is going to spread out in Italy. Few time ago I wrote about the four level of the NLP learning, and today I would reveal some precious information about the most experts in the world of this subject: the Master Trainers.

This role is conferred for merits gained on the field directly by the founder of NLP Richard Bandler, and it is assigned to people that are good Trainer and that brought new contributions to the subject.

It is said that in the world there are more or less thirty people that reached this level, and five of them are Italian.

I will reveal their names and surnames soon, but I would do a clarification: I didn’t go personally to catch up their names, but one of them gave them to me! The name of the “mole” is Alessandro Mora, called Alle by the friends of him, certified Master Trainer by the Society of NLP, founded by Bandler himself.

I would reveal some information about this incredible Master Trainer: I met him when I was 25, I went to my first NLP course, the one for becoming Practitioner. Then I saw him again during the other steps that have to be done for the NLP “career” to become an expert of the subject. I had the fortune to learn from one of the best in the world!

About Alle I want to say a few things, knowing that basically he is shy and reserved. The first thing is that with him it is easy to learn. In fact he has the extraordinary skill to make what he teaches immediately clear and testable, and he does it with a naturalness due to years of hard work and study. The second thing that has to be known about this Master Trainer is that he has been applying for 20 years the NLP, and he teaches it everywhere he is required. So he didn’t improvise the best of the NLP in Italy with strange marketing tricks, but he worked hard on the field with thousands of practical hours to reach his level. Eventually he is really pleasant and it is one of the things that most I love of him. Every time I met him I laugh very much for the jokes he continuously tells, both when he teaches and in other moments of free time.

To be more complete the following are the names of the other Italian Master Trainers: Alessio Roberti, Marco Valerio Ricci, Claudio Belotti (Business MT) e Paola Velati (elected just in July 2016).

I wish you to have as mentors in your Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses one of them!

Milan, 26th November 2017



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