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What are the most common regrets people have?

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As everyone grows older, even smallest regrets grow tiresome. Those regrets are often caused by wrong choices or lack of courage, but it is strange to see how, among the myriad of possibilities and circumstance a human being expiriences, some regrets are expressed time and time again.

1) Having postponed important issues, also known as procrastination. How many times we haven’t declared ourselves to our beloved ones postponing it? We can’t achieve an aim without trying.

2) Not having worked hard in University. The risk to give up our studies or to ruin our grade point average is often due to lack of motivation or study plan.

3) Not having studied a foreign language or not having learnt to play are common regrets, especially as someone grows older.

4) Not having gone on THAT journey. Everyone has that special journey, the one we have never had the courage to embark on to.

5) Having neglected ourselves. Everyone should eat healthy and work out in order to take care of ourselves. Nevertheless due to procrastination and indifference we found ourselves aged, dissatisfied with our weight or our shape.

6) Having worried too much. We worry too much about matters we can’t control or about what people think about us and this can lead us to stress and mental illness. We should consider what is really significant and focus ourselves on that.

7) Not having showed enough affection to our beloved ones. A simple unsaid word or a refused hug can cause the most painful regrets.

8) Having wasted time without living fully. We always realize how much time we wasted when it’s too late. Worthless matters prevent us from living our life and achieve our aims without realizing that the biggest regret is not having lived.

Milan, 26th November 2017


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