• Luca Brambilla

The wolf

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The figure of the wolf is widespread, because of the reputation this gorgeous animal has all over the world. It is associated to more symbolic meanings you could expect. Since ancient times it has been an enemy of men for the command of woods and it was feared for its intelligence, speed and fangs. For this reason it has been often sent away with brutality. As an example of the relationship between man and wolf just remember the famous book “White Fang”.

In addiction to the meanings connected to the concept of pure strength, there are other ones which are more delicate and facinating. The wolf indeed moves always in a pack and it has an internal well defined organisation , making sure that they will protect each other, with a particular attention to females and children. Just think about the she-wolf that raised Romolo and Remo, from whom the glorious story of Rome was born. Not by chance, exactly in this city, the wolf is the most widespread symbol you will see.

Personally I think that this image is a very appropriate tattoo for women, that can have it painted in a realistic way or with more sophisticated variation, to let others understand their sweet and protective side, but also that they won’t be afraid to “bite” those whom will bother them or their loved ones.

Milan, 26th November 2017



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