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How to avoid wasting time in your day and make the most of it

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How to make the most of the time you have.

Every day we actually lose so much time. We lose it because we don’t use that time for ourselves, our needs or to achieve our personal aims. Time is the most precious resource since men can’t produce it and since it passes by so fast indiscriminately. There are few techniques to make the most of the time we have in a day, in order to succeed in accomplishing our goals.

1) Avoid distractions. Nowadays communication tools are so many that we are constantly distracted by them. The connection with the world through the web lead us to trying to control irrelevant issues we can’t actually control. By doing so we waste time we can use for ourselves.

2) Focus on the essentials. Since we should avoid distraction we should also try to focus on what we really like to do or what we need to do to feel physically and mentally well.

3) Avoid always pleasing other people. We are inclined to accept requests from other people because we are afraid of losing an opportunity. But by doing so we don’t think about the time we spend for the others instead of using that time for ourselves and our goals.

4) Consider what to do, what to avoid and what to entrust to someone else. We always try to solve a problem when we run into one, without asking ourselves if it’s really worth it. In order to avoid wasting time and energies trying to solve every problem we deal with, we should consider what is the right decision about it. We should also keep in mind that, among the possibilities concerning a matters, entrusting the matter to another person is a useful choice.

We should give our time the right value now, in order to live a very long life.

Milano, 26th November 2017


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