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What your feet say about you to a NVC expert

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A well-trained NCV specialist is able to compare different types of footstrikes. If someone is relaxed, he will keep his feet flat on the floor. Moving from this standard position is a change we have to read.

For example the foot takes the leap as that of the long-distance runner, with the plant and the finger that push on the ground to give more leap forward. This is a foot of a person which has an hidden ambition and capacity of decision making.

1. The foot that leans parallel and then flat lightly on the ground is typical of the individual characterized by extreme caution and huge indifference;

2. Instead if a foot that it’s going to lean is slightly raised before to go in contact with the land, the person has inside a huge generosity which usually doesn’t showi;

3. Instead when the foot leans decisively first with the heel, it creates an arrest effect which means that the individual doesn’t trust so much and although apparently he/her shows security, at the same time he/her hide possible doubts and afterthoughts;

4. A similar case to that just described regards a foot that before to lean completely it stands up the finger. Also in this case we have an arrest effect, because the fingers assume the position like raised little wings on the planes during the landing;

5. Those who instead walk with feet tip show to have little contact with the reality. The person could point out insecurity and prudence, but this posture is also typical of persons that want to invade the private field of others, indeed it is called “the thief’s step”, therefore it’s necessary understand if back to this step it’s hidden a calm person or possible aggressive.

Normally it’s difficult get these nuances, and as always it must not basing just on one element to not doing hasty hypothesis. Anyway it remains true that pay attention to some elements bound to the people’s step, summing it and compareing it with the signals transmitted by the legs and the posture, will describe much about the person we have in front.

Milan, 14th October 2017

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